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No matter whether you are a serious photographer or an enthusiast, you would always want to purchase a camera that provides you with absolute value for money.

While, at good price, you get an array of DSLRs to choose from, not all of us love to change lenses every now and then, and click pictures. Sometimes, you miss the right moment while some other times, everything seems quite fussy.

Besides changing lenses, there is the other fuss of keeping the lenses absolutely dust-free and safe. Herein com the spectacular compact cameras—some of which provides you with almost all the usages of a DSLR without having to care about lenses.

If you are looking forward to bag a great, feature-packed compact camera for yourself, read on the list below to find the best in business—

1. Fujifilm X100S

fujifilm 1Specifications:

• Pixel count: 16.3 megapixel
• Sensor size: APS-C, CMOS II
• Screen type/size/resolution: LCD, 2.8 inch, 460,000 dots
• Max video resolution: 1080p
• Max continuous shooting rate: 6fps

Backed with a great APS-C sensor allowing a resolution of 16.3 megapixels along with the innovative EXR Processor II and a filter array pattern of 6×6 RGGB, the Fujifilm X100S is one of the best compact cameras on board. Having a brilliant 6×6 RGGB format means the anti-aliasing technique is absolutely removable giving way to brilliant, crisper images sans any editing or filter.

The camera does not only look stylish but performs quite stylishly, too, by being able to continuous shoot at 6 frames per second.

What’s more is that the shutter lag in this model has been slashed to 0.01 second. For the more experienced photographers, there is an option of shooting 14bit raw images; while for the beginners, the hybrid autofocus system enables you to use either phase detection or contrast completely depending on the screen’s brightness and selected AF point.

The sensor is quite large and fast at f/2 23mm lens. However, its bulky nature and the restriction to change the focal length may upset many prospective buyers.

2. Sony Cybershot RX1R

sony cybershot rx1r 2Specifications:

• Sensor size: Full frame
• Screen type/size/resolution: LCD, 3 inch, 1229000 dots
• Pixel count: 24.3 megapixel
• Max video resolution: 1080p
• Max continuous shooting rate: 5 frames per second

One of the best cameras available in the market as of now from the powerful brand of Sony, the Sony Cybershot RX1R does not feature the anti-aliasing technique making it quite easy to shoot detailed and crisper images sans any filter.

What’s more is that the camera features a CMOS full frame sensor offering 24.3MP resolution. Although you can find noise at the higher ISOs, this flaw is covered up by the detailing of the images and swiftness of its use. Besides, the lens is 35mm f/2.0 Carl Zeiss T* lens provides you with the best images ever.

However, like every other gadget, this, too, comes with its own share of flaws. For example, the biggest flipside of this camera is that it doesn’t have an external charger, and the battery life is quite poor, too.

3. Ricoh GR

ricoh gr 3Specifications:

• Pixel count: 16.2 megapixel
• Sensor size: APS-C
• Screen type/size/resolution: LCD, 3 inch, 1230000 dots
• Max video resolution: 1080p
• Max continuous shooting rate: 4 frames per second

A Ricoh camera may not feature in your bucket list, but it does its job amazingly well to feature in this list of the best compact cameras. The GR variant from Ricoh is a powerful camera that offers a pixel count of 16.2 and comes with an 18.3mm lens equivalent to a 28mm one. It comes in an APS-C format and provides a maximum aperture of f/2.8. These features make it an amazing one for street photography, and works wonders in low light sensitivity. To make the lens go wider, there is also an option for an adaptor with 21mm capabilities.

There is also a brand new and innovative processing engine that provides you with smoother images at great speed. Although it lacks a Wifi connectivity, the presence of EyeFi technique makes up for this lack. There is also an array of features to choose from along with fully manual settings. It also makes way for great raw file captures. Although the LCD screen is quite good, it cannot be tilted, and this may prove to be a hindrance for many advanced photographers.

4. Canon Powershot G16

canon powershot g16 4The latest from Canon in the G range is definitely miles ahead of its predecessor. It is also available at cheaper rates due to its smaller sensor. Equipped with a back illuminating sensor, this camera provides better images in spite of sharing the same credentials of CMOS sensor.

The camera uses the brand new Digic 6 for processing images that makes way for a superb continuous shooting speed of 9.3 frames per second. Since, it is bereft of a buffer, you can enjoy clicking snaps until the card gets full. With the ISO range toppling till 12800, you can enjoy creating beautiful images even in low light areas. Featuring a 5x optical zoom lens ranging between f/1.8-2.8 alongside a 28mm wide angle, the camera is pretty fast and efficient. At its fullest telephoto reach, the camera offers 35mm and an aperture width of f/2.8.

There is also a WiFi system built-in along with two innovative shooting modes like the Star Mode for creating beautiful images at night and Background Defocus (used to create background effect). However, absence of a touchscreen may not be appreciated.

canon powershot g1x mark ii 5 5. Canon Powershot G1X Mark II


• Sensor size: CMOS, 1.5-inch
• Screen type/size/resolution: Touchscreen LCD, 3 inch, 10,400,00 dots
• Pixel count: 12.8 megapixel
• Max video resolution: 1080p
• Max continuous shooting rate: 5.2 frames per second

Referred to as one of the most brilliant alternative to the DSLRs, the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II comes with a 12Mp, 1.5-inch sensor that is quite akin to its predecessor. Noise control is absolutely brilliant, too, owing to its usage of innovative Digic 6 image processor.

It is also backed by a 5x optical zoom lens that offers a width of f/2 that offers brilliant blur in the background with better low light shooting technology. However, the best thing about this camera is the minimum distance of focusing that has been cut to 5cm from 30cm offered by its predecessor.

It is also backed by a Wifi system and a touchscreen but its weight may irritate its user to certain extent. Otherwise, it is simply one of the best compact cameras available in the market.

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My name is Chris and I am the owner and operator of For over 10 years I have worked with computers, servers, video camcorders, software editing tools, and many other areas of information technology.

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