GoPro HERO4 Session Review

GoPro HERO4 Session



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Water-proof and durable
  • High-quality
  • Easy one-button control
  • Easily mountable


  • More pricey than its predecessors
  • No built-in touch screen


GoPro gives yet another outstanding addition to its exceptional line of action cams. It offers a whole new experience being more user-friendly and versatile. Even without housing, this GoPro withstands all nuisances you can think of. It is the smallest camera yet which makes it far more appealing than its predecessors. It also boasts of remarkable features that help translate your most thrilling adventures into vivid and realistic memories.

Special Features

  • Compact and lightweight

Tiny GoProPerhaps this is the most valuable feature of the GoPro HERO4 Session. It is significantly smaller and lighter than other HERO4 cameras. You can wear and mount it with utmost ease. It clearly eliminates the hassle of carrying bulky cameras to document your epic adventures with your friends. Surfing, basking in the sun, treading the snow, any outdoor activity, will be a lot more exciting with a sleek and versatile GoPro.

  • Waterproof

Another edge of the GoPro HERO4 Session is its waterproof design. Traditionally, GoPro cameras are only waterproof because of their housings. This special GoPro goes the extra mile with a design that doesn’t need a surplus protection from water. It boasts of a rugged design that can withstand water, although it sets a depth limit. It is still pretty much handy even if it can’t go as deep as the others that require housing. Thirty three feet (10 meters) is already pretty deep for a quick capture, anyway.

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  • Easy One-button Control

The easy one-button control feature makes the GoPro HERO4 Session the most user-friendly amongst the long line of action cams. It’s a no-fuss feature that saves the newbies from rummaging through complex step-by-step operation and controls of other action cams. With this GoPro, a single press switches the camera on and starts recording videos or taking time laps photos. If you press the shutter button again, it only stops recording and automatically turns the camera off.

  • Professional Video Quality

Your best moments need to be turned to clear and distinct memories. HERO4 Session provides you realistic video quality. With a high frame rate of 720p100 and 1440p30 and 1080p60 resolution, you can possible go wrong. You can rewind all your best adventures and play them back in high-quality slow motion.

Amazing picture quality of the GoPro Session 4 camera

  • Superview

GoPro gives you complete memories. It captures a wide-angle field of view that includes you and your background in the most lifelike manner. This is an exclusive video mode that only GoPro can provide. It allows you to immerse to your recorded memories more realistically. Now with this amazing field of view, the footages of your thrilling adventures become more engaging.

  • Dual Mic System

HERO4 Session prides two microphones. It automatically switches to the most suitable microphone, depending on the various nuisances it is thrown with. Audio capture is enhanced with better noise cancellation abilities. Now recording high-speed activities and in extreme weather conditions doesn’t affect your footages at all.

  • Notable Photo Captures

HERO4 is equipped with various photo modes that make your photos even more powerful. Single photos and time lapse photos come out at 8 mega pixels and set at 0.5 to 60-second intervals. If there’s an action camera that wouldn’t fail you as you take your leap, it’s the HERO4 Session.

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Video Review by WIRED

GoPro HERO4 Session Vs. GoPro HERO Silver

Much has been said about the latest addition to the GoPro family – the HERO4 Session. When it comes down to choosing one among the long line of industry-leading cameras, it becomes a much more difficult take.

Basically, their prices are just about the same which is why the HERO4 Session and HERO Silver are most often being compared. It is downright a disadvantage for the HERO4 Session including the fact that it doesn’t have an LCD touch screen.

In contrast with the HERO4 Session, HERO4 Silver’s image quality is better. The colors in the photos come out more naturally. It also adjusts better in low and difficult lighting. It is noteworthy; however, that HERO4 Session records audio better than the HERO4 Silver. Undoubtedly, it wins over the HERO4 Silver when it comes to ease of use and size. Its battery life is also a little longer than the Silver.

When it comes to choosing what GoPro to buy, ask yourself what features you value the most. If size, housing, weight, and audio matters to you, then HERO4 Session is the right choice. But if you’re looking for something that’s more of a camera, HERO4 Silver is more ideal.

GoPro continues to expand its already long line. They offer action cams that can appeal to all kinds of users. Before you skim on your choices, ask yourself about the most important factors that you are looking for in an action cam. Are you all for great image quality or ease of use that involves an LCD touch screen or viewfinder? These questions will surely lead you the action cam that suits you the best.

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My name is Chris and I am the owner and operator of For over 10 years I have worked with computers, servers, video camcorders, software editing tools, and many other areas of information technology.

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