Canon XA10 Professional Camcorder Review

XA10 Camcorder by CanonAmazon Tall Buy ButtonThis week I’m going to offer you a videographer’s thoughts in this Canon XA10 Professional Camcorder Review.  Inside the HA10 is a native 1/3″ CMOS image processor a chip slightly larger than your average $500 consumer camcorder.  This camcorder also comes with 64GB of internal storage, and the video clips captured on the internal storage can be transferred to external SDXC Cards.  With this internal memory and filming at the lowest bit rate, you can record up to 24 hours of video without having to use an additional external card.

Like most affordable professional camcorders, the canon XA10 comes with a manual focus wring, powerful image processors, and multiple XLR adapter, Mic and line audio connections for adding a professional camcorder microphone to the camcorder.  The camcorder films at full 1920 x 1080 resolution at bit rates of up to 24Mbps, making the camera an ideal choice for independent film makers, videographers, and pro consumers.

Codecs and Tech Details

The Camcorder utilizes the AVCHD codec, using MPEG-4/H.264 compression, a popular choice among Sony and affordable professional Panasonic camcorders.  If the destination for the video you film is blue-ray then AVCHD is a good choice because blue-ray disks are encoded using AVCHD.  Video is also compressed for the web using the H.264 format.

Display of the Canon XA10Touch and Track Focus

One feature of this camcorder that may benefit videographers and film professionals is the “touch and track” function.  Touch and track is one of several focus settings that can be used to track and stay focused on the movements of one particular person in a large crowd of people.  High action sporting events such as football games could be filmed with someone down on the field who wants to continually focus on the head of the crowd’s favorite star, to capture those little smirks and smiles that are great for later viewing on instant replay.

Infired Night mode Filming

For complete dead of night and 0 light environments this camera also features an infrared shooting mode, law enforcement officers could use this camcorder to film a subject in an environment of complete darkness without having any light needed to film their subject or any light emitting from the camera.  This feature could also be useful for nature videographers who which to film animal activities that only happen at night.  See the video below for some sample infired footage:

This camcorder also includes a lot of professional camcorder features including

  • manual shutter speed and aperture adjustments
  • manual exposure and gain adjustments
  • a green waveform  and color form for precise focus adjustments
  • waveform monitor / zebra pattern – used to determine which areas are over exposed in the shot
  • Level marker – ensures your camera is level with your subject
  • Color Bars – used to balance color accuracy
  • Wave form monitor built into the camera, enhanced zebra patter (70% or 100% indicates blow out or high brightness areas to help you set the proper exposure)
  • 6 different White balance presets
  • Level Mark feature – helps ensure the camera is level
  • Grid marker – a reference grid in your viewfinder
  • Middle of the road price for a professional camcorder, under $2,000


Overall the Canon XA10 is a reasonable choice when considering a mid-range camcorder.  The best features of this camcorder are it’s built-in 64GB of Internal storage and twin SDXC Card slots for shooting continuously without having to switch cards quickly.  The Camcorder also stands strong with two built-in XLR adapters, adjustable audio controls, and many white balance settings.  The camcorder is lacking in video chip power with just one CMOS chip, and with no ability to shoot at frame rates higher than 30 frames per second.  In conclusion this camcorder would be ideal for filming weddings, college sporting events, independent films, and music videos.  For a complete list of features and the latest low prices check out the Canon XA10 on Amazon.
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My name is Chris and I am the owner and operator of For over 10 years I have worked with computers, servers, video camcorders, software editing tools, and many other areas of information technology.

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My name is Chris and I am the owner and operator of For over 10 years I have worked with computers, servers, video camcorders, software editing tools, and many other areas of information technology.

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