Canon VIXIA HF M50 Full HD Camcorder Review

Canon VIXIA HF M50 Full HD Camcorder ReviewIn this Canon VIXIA HF M50 Full HD Camcorder Review I will cover the curious new features of this camcorder, and why this just might the right camcorder for you.

The Canon Vixia M50 Camcorder is a mid-range camcorder that’s designed to be easy to use and easy to work with for parents, teens, kids, and even for your outdoors man.  The Camcorder comes with a standard set of features found on most consumer camcorders and some unique features that set this camcorder away from the pack.

Core Vixia M50 Features

  • 10x zoom
  • HD CMOS Pro image sensor
  • 1/3 ” CMOS  sensor filming in 1080p
  • built-in wi-fi transfer and direct transfer to YouTube and Facebook
  • 3″ touch LCD for changing settings
  • AVCHD recording for full 1080 p recording and playback on HDTV’s and Blue Ray Players
  • MPEG 4 recording for fast editing,
  • built-in microphone with settings for frontal mono, standard stereo and wide perspective audio
  • 1.1 lbs in weight with the camcorder alone
  • It received an average of 4/5 Stars Reviews
  • 8GB internal memory
  • Optical Image Stabilization and Intelligent Sensor to steady your shaky shots
  • SDXC Slot for storing and using up to 33 hours of video on the lowest quality setting
  • Integrated WiFi
  • DNLA Compliant Device
Canon Vixia HF M50The Canon Vixia HF M50 Camcorder represents the latest standards in canon lens technology, normally not found on consumer camcorders.  The Canon Lens on this camcorder uses low-dispersion glass to suppress chromatic aberration (not bringing all the colors of the image into focus at the same time).  The m50 Lens also features a super spectra coating to cut lens flare and image ghosting (bright flashes of light, and shadowy images that follow people in your shot).
The Camcorder also features an Iris diaphragm, that

Canon VIXIA HF M50 Full HD Camcorder Review

gives the same effect as a high-end digital SLR camera with a short depth of field, producing subjects up close that are in focus and sharp with blurred / out of focus objects in the background.

8 GB Internal Memory with SDXC Storage

One of the other convenient features of this camcorder is called relay recording.  If you’re in the middle of filming your daughters piano recital and you didn’t realize that you just ran out of internal storage, the VIXIA M50 automatically continues to record to the external SDHC / SDXC Card without missing any recording abilities.  This dual recording mode is convenient when shooting long events such as catholic weddings, or corporate training events.  With dual recording modes, and convenient budget streaming formats like the LP mode in MPEG 4 you can record up to 33 hours of video on a single 64 GB SDXC Card.

Dual AVCHD and MPEG 4 Recording

Another feature that makes this camcorder unique is the ability to record in AVCHD Format or in MPEG 4 format.  AVCHD recordings are great for playback on HDTV’s and burning video to Blue-Ray Disks.  MPEG 4 format is great due to its small video file size, and easy transfer to YouTube, Facebook, iPhones, iPods and iPads as well as editing suites such as Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro X without the hassle of other converting or trans coding time.

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Direct Hard Drive Backup

Canon VIXIA HF M50 Full HD Camcorder Review

The Canon Vixia HF M50 has the ability to back up your footage directly to an external USB hard drive, with the optional UA-100 USB canon adapter.  Simply plug-in the camera to the hard drive, set the camera to the PC / Backup Mode and all the footage is transferred automatically.
This feature is particularly useful for event videographers who want to be able to dump off their footage quickly without having to open and import data into their NLE Editing platform each time.  Four of these camcorders could import video to 4 different hard drives for easy storage and retrieval later using a mac or PC.

Integrated WiFi, & Live Streaming

The biggest benefit to choosing this camcorder over other similar models is the integrated WiFi that’s built into the camcorder.  The Vixia has a built-in 802.11 N wireless radio and antenna built into the camcorder, allowing you to download the footage to your computer, or allowing you to live stream special events like weddings or anniversary parties so that loved ones can watch from many miles away on their iPads, iPhones or home computers.

Fun Cinema filters

The Canon VIXIA HF M50 also includes a handful of clever filters to give each of your shots a specific kind of look such as “cool” which adds a blue tint to your video. Other filters include Sepia, Old Movie, Dramatic Black and White, Dram and Flashback.

Canon Vixia HF M50What is all included in the Box

  • Vixia HF M50 camcorder
  • Battery Pack BP-718
  • Stylus Pen
  • Compact Power adapter
  • USB Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Bundled CD with Pixela video browser, network utility software disk, image browser ex, / image mix / music data disk

Canon Vixia HF M50 Drawbacks

While there are a lot of positive features about this consumer camcorder, I have to keep it real and point out some of the flaws.  Several users have noted that the touch screen is difficult to use, and is sometimes not sensitive enough.  For best results use the included stylus pen for making changes to your settings.  This camcorder also does not produce the best low light video quality.  While some camcorders have 3 chips or large CMOS sensors to let a lot of light into the room in low light scenarios, this camcorder has a single 1/3 inch chip, which produces some poor low light test results (see YouTube results here and here.)

Canon Vixia SF M50 Full HD Review Summary

Canon VIXIA HF M50 Full HD Camcorder ReviewThe Canon VIXIA SF M50 Camcorder has a lot of appealing features with relay recording, integrated WiFi, direct backup to external hard drives, and integrated cinema filters.  Factoring in the challenges of limited low light performance in near pitch black environments, I would give this camcorder a solid 4 out of 5, for overall usability.  The Canon Vixia HF M50 Camcorder has a retail price of $599.99 but can be purchased for much less here on Amazon.

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My name is Chris and I am the owner and operator of For over 10 years I have worked with computers, servers, video camcorders, software editing tools, and many other areas of information technology.

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